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Hyundai to Offer Self-Driving Car in 2020

            Fully Automated Cars in 2030 South Korea’s Hyundai Motor recently said some of the company’s cars would be capable of driverless operation by 2020. Hyundai is the latest auto manufacturer to claim an interest in commercializing self-driving cars, with many of the major automakers already boasting that they are… Read More »

Government Funding for Self-Driving Cars on the Rise US, UK Put Cash on the Table -- Huge Investment Gap for Other Countries

How important is government funding for self-driving cars? The answer from the Obama administration is apparently “Very!” With the recent US announcement of a proposed $4 billion budget for the planning and development of self-driving vehicles, the ante has been raised in the international quest for autonomous transportation. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, the huge US treasury… Read More »