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Rio Tinto Breaks New Ground With Pioneering Self-Driving Technology

Mining Giant’s “Mine of the Future” in Australia Integrates Truck, Train Automation Autonomous trucks at Rio Tinto’s Pilbara mine, Western Australia Source: Financial Review, www.afr.com. Photographer: Christian Sprogoe Say “iron mine” and chances are you don’t think hi-tech and sci-fi innovation, but even a brief look at Rio Tinto’s mining operations in Western Australia will change that perception right… Read More »

Write That Code or Get Off the Road – Software Roadblock for SDVs?

Better Software May Make the Difference in Real-World SDV Rollouts One reason that Self-Driving Vehicles are appearing today is the convergence of several lines of technology. Among these are computer-controlled automotive components (there’s been a computer in your car since the 1980’s), Lidar-based sensors,  V2V communications, and the availability of internet-based weather and satellite data.… Read More »